Can you really afford to ignore 25-30% of your market?

Mobile traffic as a percentage of all Internet traffic has been increasing for a number of years. It now stands at approximately 25-30% as of 2014, with the upward trajectory likely to increase at 150% per year or more!
B2B companies are seeing around 25 to 30% of their website traffic coming from mobile devices. Every business knows that they need to be doing something about it, but most are confused about exactly what.

Since the advent of Apple’s iPhone in 2007, mobile apps have become integral to the way that people access information. User behaviour has changed dramatically since the advent of mobile apps and as people move away from browser-based information towards mobile access Sifo have carved out an impressive track record in developing mobile solutions for a wide range of organisations.
Sifo is at the forefront of the growing mobile application movement. The Sifo team is here to help you take advantage of the opportunity that mobile presents. Our experienced design and development team can plan, design and develop mobile applications for your business. Keeping in view the current global trends and technological advances, our expert developers and programmers work towards developing a striking interface for your app. Qualified and experienced, they have excellent knowledge of technical tools, various software and programmers and can come up with a unique, professional application that will exceed your expectations. We customize our approach to our clients’ needs and develop apps for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Nokia platforms. Whatever the mobile technology or application Sifo provides all the creative design, developmental services and support.


At Sifo we develop global-edge mobile applications for various platforms and make your app a potential treasure. Our expertise team delivers flexible business oriented solution on any trend you need, with any tradition you require. We’ve experience in developing mobile applications such as iOS, Android, Windows and Black Berry. If you crave it, we can build it. Where others resist, we thrive. So it’s right time to choose us and promote your business.

Our Mobile App Developement Services include :

  • Providing simple solutions for Windows application development
  • Offer you innovative android apps.
  • Provide Frameworks and mobile technologies.
  • Developing high quality and robust mobile apps.
  • Mobile testing services and mobile app maintenance.